Our Tenants

The organizations that comprise the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus are much more than tenants – they are our partners. Each bringing a valuable facet to our community, these agencies allow us to be the robust hub that we are for all who visit the Campus. Read more about each of these partners below, visit their websites and see how you can get in touch.

Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Phoenix

The Bureau of Jewish Education (also known as BJE) is home to Hebrew High of Greater Phoenix, Hebrew High Care-a-van, Jewish Baby University, Jewish Marriage University, Adult Jewish Learning, the Center for Wise Aging, Jewish Community Library, and more. The BJE is here for you and your family.

bjephoenix.org | 480-634-8050 | jewished@bjephoenix.org

Myra Shindler, Director
480-634-8050 myras@bjephoenix.org

Gesher Disability Resources

Gesher Disability Resources serves children and adults affected by a disability through inclusion assistance in classrooms/camps, resource referral, residential support and social groups. Over 3,000 community members benefit from the agency’s events and services each year. Tax ID 86-0626273; QCO Code 20748.

gesherdr.org | 480-629-5343 | info@gesherdr.org

Amy Hummell, Executive Director
480-629-5343 amy@gesherdr.org

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix

Building a permanent source of financial support for a vibrant, enduring Jewish community, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix serves as the region’s center for long-term Jewish philanthropy, providing grants to Jewish and non-Jewish community organizations from permanent endowment funds and donor advised funds.

jcfphoenix.org | 480-699-1717 | info@jcfphoenix.org

Sheryl Press, Marketing Director
480-481-7038 Spress@jewishphoenix.org

Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix

The Jewish Community Relations Council engages in advocacy, interfaith outreach and community bridge-building, as it works to strengthen community relations inside and outside the Jewish community.

jcrcphoenix.org | 480-481-7149 | info@jcrcphoenix.org

Paul Rockower, Executive Director
301-875-8319 paul.rockower@jcrcphoenix.org

Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

The Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix strengthens and sustains Jewish life and identity while meeting critical needs in Greater Phoenix, in Israel and around the world. We serve the community as a resource by maximizing the impact of the dollars raised and by supporting organizations that make a difference every day.

Jewishphoenix.org | info@jewishphoenix.org

Sheryl Press, Marketing Director
480-481-7038 Spress@jewishphoenix.org

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Bi-weekly print issues and weekly online updates deliver community and world Jewish news, features, commentary and special issues. Family-owned and operated from 1948 to 2016. Now a nonprofit organization under the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix. Subscription includes annual Community Directory, Best Of magazine and online access.

Jewishaz.com | 602-870-9470 | editor@jewishaz.com

Rich Solomon, General Manager
602-639-5861 Rsolomon@jewishaz.com

The Jewish Tuition Organization

The Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO) is a student tuition organization (STO) providing scholarships for children attending six affiliated Phoenix area Jewish day schools. The JTO raises funds through Arizona’s dollar-for-dollar private school tuition tax credit available to both individuals and corporations.  Take the credit and impact a child’s life today!

jtophoenix.org | 480-634-4926 | info@jtophoenix.org

Linda Zell, Executive Director
480-634-4926 Linda@jtophoenix.org

Milk + Honey Espresso Bar & Eatery

Restaurant – Caterer

milkandhoneyjcc.com | 480-566-9020 | dany@milkandhoneyjcc.com

Daniel Marciano, Owner
480-347-7227 dany@milkandhoneyjcc.com

Minkoff Center for Jewish Genetics

The Minkoff Center for Jewish Genetics seeks to provide awareness, knowledge, and screening to empower the Jewish Community to make informed decisions regarding genetic diseases.  We have two screening programs: prenatal recessive gene screening for couples and the hereditary cancer screening and referral program for ages 25-85.

GetScreenedAZ.org | 480-668-3347 | info@jewishgeneticsphx.org

Wendy Carriere, Executive Director
480-668-3347 info@jewishgeneticsphx.org

The Oasis School

Officially joining the Campus in fall 2022!

The Oasis School is an innovative co-educational Jewish community high school offering an extraordinary education. Our students experience academic rigor and Jewish life and learning that is profound and enduring. Oasis graduates are prepared to actualize their aspirations and are inspired to mindfully engage in the enlivening of our community and our evolving world.

theoasisschool.org | 480-442-9610 | jisaak-shapiro@theoasisschool.org

Jerry Isaak-Shapiro, Founding Head of School
480-442-9610 jisaak-shapiro@theoasisschool.org

Valley of the Sun JCC

The Valley of the Sun JCC builds connections to the Jewish community in a setting that enriches physical, mental and spiritual growth. The J remains dedicated to the well-being of people of all ages and faiths, striving to maintain the highest standards for facilities and programming that meets community needs. Everyone welcome.

vosjcc.org | 480-483-7121 | info@vosjcc.org

Christine Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer
480-481-1797 christineh@vosjcc.org